January 31 2013, 07:27 AM

What makes Harry’s USP joke so funny?

In their Daybreak interview this morning, Harry said he would change the band’s name to “USP.” What makes this so hilarious and insightful?

USP is short for unique selling point or unique selling proposition. It is used in advertising/marketing/PR to figure out what makes a product (person, thing, intangible idea) different from the competition. In short, it is what makes a product MARKETABLE.

I have NO doubt in my mind the boys are probably sick-to-death of hearing that phrase, because my best guess is that their USP is something about the non-traditional boyband made up of 5 regular, unassuming, heterosexual best friends who kind of fell into this gig.

So USP was a play on BSB AND a dig at the relentless global branding I’m sure they’re all over at this point. Harry was basically bucking the idea that the band and the guys could be reduced to 1-3 marketable traits they don’t seem to agree with much. They are more than the sum of their parts as a band and as individuals. I see what you did there, Harry. Anybody who ever said Harry can’t tell a joke is wrong. He must be saving up them up or something.