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Can you show me what true love looks like.? -V
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Real Radio Northwest Interview - 23 December 2011 (Aired 31 January 2012) 

Let’s talk about this moment in this interview on this otherwise iconic day. This was recorded/filmed on 23 December 2011, smack in the middle of the Haroline “romance” widely talked about in the UK. READ: Harry was publicly at least fucking Caroline on the regular, if not actually in a relationship with her based on a few pap photos and a lot of made-up shit in the media. From the beginning of November and up until this point, Harry was mostly coy when asked if he was single or dating Caroline. He never really confirmed one way or the other.

The boys were asked to say their names and if they were single or not. Niall goes, then Louis who says “I am NOT single…OHHHHH,” then Liam and then Zayn.

Finally, Harry goes.

At 7:05, Harry says “I’m Harry and I’m…HI! I’m single.” He looks right in the camera briefly as he says it, and puts a pretty exaggerated pause in there, like he might try to charm his way out of it or something. When he finally says “I’m single,” its quieter and almost mumbled.

The host immediately says “Single,” In a surprised way to get Harry to confirm it. Harry confirms again “Yeah.” The host AGAIN asks Harry “Yeah?” like he can’t quite believe it. And then says “Excellent. Ok.” During this exchange, Louis turns to look at Zayn and Zayn makes this “Aw, fuck,” kind of face like he realized what just happened. 

Louis then looks up at Harry and Harry looks back at Louis. In the bottom left gif, you can see Louis cock his head with this hilarious “What the fuck just happened?” look on his face. Zayn then says OUT LOUD “Strange.” 

I think Harry genuinely fucked up here. I don’t think he was trying to undermine the Haroline narrative because the interview wasn’t airing until later in the New Year anyways. I think he was put on the spot in a way he wasn’t really up until that point and he just froze and answered how he thought he was supposed to. He wasn’t talking about his relationship with Louis, because he wouldn’t have said he was single if he was trying to be a rebellious boyfriend. He just fucked up, forgot his media training and the other boys were confused and a little stunned by it. Nobody said anything, because backtracking or talking about it would have been just as awkward and bad. 

If he was actually dating Caroline, why say he was single? Why would the other boys react like that? He wouldn’t and they wouldn’t. This, to me, is probably the most damning piece of evidence that the Haroline thing was fake as fuck. And why Harry isn’t allowed to talk about his newer fauxmances out loud anymore and relies solely on pap pics and print articles to tell the story.

(Thank you to Roxy for making this gifset so I could explain myself in essay form.) 

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he grabbed him by the back of the neck. oh.

he grabbed him by the back of the neck. oh.

April 19 2014, 07:27 AM
H & L always interacted the same way, since day 1 we could see they had a special relationship... there's no way they started dating the 1st time they met -.- so it just proves that their friendship was what it was: a friendship, very close friendship. they're touchy and stuff, but rly it doesnt prove anything does it? and then they stoped being friends because they were done with all the bullshit LS say about their FRIENDSHIP. so they dont interact anymore to stop the stupid rumours u made
April 19 2014, 07:26 AM
I understand that you want to support the rights of two boys to be in love and express that love. However, what if Louis and Harry aren't gay and aren't in love? What if Louis does love Eleanor? What if the people using Harry and Louis are those that want them to be poster boys for gay rights because they are in the most famous boy band ever?


At this stage in the game, I find it extremely unlikely that Harry and Louis aren’t gay and in a long term relationship. I don’t wanna get too deep in rehashing the flirting, the boners, the innuendos, the soft outings,the tweets, the coordinating tattoos along with the very intentional public separation, the stunts, the pap ready ho strolls and the ridiculous media narrative. But these are things that happened which point to one thing and one thing only. I honestly feel that if you don’t see it by now, you don’t want to see it.

If Eleanor and Louis were a real couple, I’d never use the word “love” in conjunction with them. It would be quite dysfunctional. Louis would be controlling yet indifferent—that’s emotionally abusive. Eleanor would be a doormat or maybe a cold golddigger. They’d both be holding onto something that seems to have deteriorated into a somewhat tense tolerance of each other. I would pity them both and wonder why they don’t put each other out of their misery. If I were Eleanor, I’d wonder why Louis can’t muster up the will to top his most romantic gesture to date (the dinner he cooked before she was in the picture). Like, we’ve been together a while bro. Romance me like that, dammit!

And so, it makes me feel it’s impossible for the fandom to “use” Harry and Louis as gay rights poster boys. If you revisit old blog posts and threads about XFactor 2010 out there on the internet, you can literally follow along as people shift from “what a cute bromance” to “oh damn, are they flirting” to “holy shit, they’re into each other”. It wasn’t the fandom who randomly chose to anoint them as gay poster boys. It was Harry and Louis’ own words and actions that caused people to notice. It also wasn’t until after Eleanor arrived and they started being restricted and Harry went on tattoo binge including things like a hanger, and “I can’t change” and “Things I can/Things I can’t” that people really started to believe that these two were probably being closeted against their will. So again, the fandom didn’t bring this to 1D world (Harry and Louis and their management and handlers), 1D world brought this to us. We noticed because we have eyes and ears and enough common sense to put 2 and 2 together.

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harryandlouis + body language


because “actions speak louder than words” is a very true statement

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